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Finger Lakes Note Card Collections
Finger Lakes
Guy Card Collection Geared to Guys!

Boxed assortment of 6 blank cards/6 envelopes.
Finger Lakes Print Gallery

These images are also available as note cards (50 card minimum order).
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FL013 Federal Patina
FL016 Light Hauling
FL019 Bright Eyes
FL022 Farm For Sale
CH025 NY29
FLX001 Country Christmas
FLX002 Merry Christmas
FL014 Hot Pursuit
FL017 Apache Warrior
FL020 Bus to Nowhere
CH023 Couch
FL026 Rose Hill Mansion
CH028 Posted
CH030 Abandoned
FL015 Good Old
FL018 Buick Eight Power
FL021 Rust
CH024 Rich Farmland -
FL027 Tappan Library
CH029 The Wedding Cake
CH031 Not Forgotten
Finger Lakes
Christmas Note Card Collections

Boxed Singles - 6 blank cards/6 envelopes.
Both of these images are available in single
image boxes of six cards each.